July 30, 2020

This Cooling Headband and Face Covering Has Over 2,000 Five-star Reviews on Amazon

Although spending time hiking, bike riding, and even simply walking are great ways to get  fresh air while respecting social distancing mandates due to the coronavirus pandemic, it can also get really hot, really fast. This summer was predicted to be one of the hottest on record, and if you’ve spent any time outside in the past couple of months, you probably know this firsthand. That’s why cooling, breathable gear is key for having a fun day in the sun. Luckily, there are tons of wearable cooling products on the market — like this Mission cooling neck gaiter on Amazon, which can be worn 12 different ways and, when activated, will cool to 30 degrees under your body temperature. 

First, even though it’s called a neck gaiter, it doesn’t have to be worn around your neck: According to the product’s Amazon page, there are 12 ways you can fashion the product. For instance, you can wear it as a headband, a skull cap, around your neck, or even as a face covering (this is also useful if you don’t have a mask and need some sort of facial covering due to coronavirus restrictions). It absorbs perspiration and moisture, so you can wear it outside for hours and still feel cool and dry thanks to its breathable material.

Secondly, the cooling technology is pretty simple to activate, but you do need to follow a couple of steps to make it work: First, you need to douse the fabric of the product in water (the cooler the better). Then, once it’s completely soaked, wring the fabric out to remove excess water, and then snap it. After this, put it on however you want to, and you’ll feel the fabric cool down against your skin. The effect should last up to two hours — and when you feel the fabric begin to heat up, all you have to do is repeat the above steps to reactivate the cooling process.

Last but not least, the fabric also has UPF 50 protection, which means it blocks out harmful UV rays from the sun, much like sunscreen would do.  

Customers love the product as well: Not only is it a number one Amazon best-seller, but it also has over 2,000 five-star reviews. As one customer who hiked the Grand Canyon for four days wrote in their review, “Temperatures reached 135, and it was definitely a feat of endurance to ‘keep your cool.’ This Mission scarf caught my sweat before it had a chance to evaporate, so I would snap it while I was hiking for quick refrigerant effects. When I was at a water source, and I used the scarf after immersion, it was like entering a world of relief.” 

The best part is that it starts at just $20 on Amazon. It’s worth noting that the Mission scarf is selling out fast (some colors are backordered), so you’ll want to make sure you add this to your cart sooner rather than later.

July 30, 2020